Please…do your worst. I can’t handle this anymore. I need to at least know what’s real. I’m worried about the baby. Natasha, it was the worst thing. Everyone left me all over again. Everyone who already left, and everyone else….

I’m glad I have someone to be strong for me, but I want to be strong for myself again and every time I flip on a light switch I see spiders crawling out of it and biting me, and I just go on pretending to everyone but Thor that I’m okay and I’m not.

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#msromanov #trigger warning #tw: PTSD #tw: hallucinations #tw: arachnophobia

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    "Thank you, Natasha. Please be careful." In her condition, she couldn’t even offer to watch Anya. "If I’m not here when...
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    Natasha narrowed her eyes. “Consider it done. His chemicals are old news to me. I’ll show him fear.”
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