Reconciliation | Clane

Jane didn’t want to trick him, but the scientist wanted to settle some things before her baby was born. Already things were more hectic - learning about Asgardian policy, trips back and forth, and something was still weighing on her mind. She wanted to try letting go of this - again.

And it wasn’t a lie, her reason for calling. She dialed Clint’s cell phone number and waited for his answer. Usually they just texted. It was impersonal and fast and she preferred it. But she didn’t want this conversation to be that way.

"Hey, Clint? Hi, it’s Jane. Listen, Thor got called into that ‘understanding personal space’ meeting with Coulson, and Isaac called out and I have a bunch of heavy equipment to move. The doctor said I’m not supposed to lift more than ten pounds, though. You think you could help me out?"

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    "Good. I’m really, really glad we talked about this. I’m sorry things have been tough…I know you have a great thing...
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    "I know. It’s nothing I am proud of." He tossed the food on his plate around a little, shrugging. "I don’t think you...
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